A Powerful Testimonial

Groceryships graduations are incredible events, full of celebration, connection and heart. Every group is a little different, and so, every graduation also has its own unique flavor. 


For the past two years, we've had the good fortune to work with community partners, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), bringing our wellness programs to their community of dedicated parents. At their most recent graduation this spring, one of the group members wrote a powerful speech to share during the ceremony. Click to read what she said...

Words of Thanks

by HOLA Graduate

April 2017

"Thank you [HOLA] for giving us the opportunity to start our adventure with Groceryships, and to begin forming new relationships with ourselves, with new friends and with food. Thank you [to our group leader] for motivating us. Thank you for teaching us how to breathe and how to prepare our minds and hearts in order to understand the importance of caring for ourselves—not only to care for our families—but to value ourselves because we deserve it!

Thank you [to the group participants] because although as moms we’re always running around all day, we were always able to arrive here in our group. Thank for taking the time to really see me...

Thank you for accepting me as I am.

Thank you for giving me the time to BE and to SHARE!

Thank you for the trust that never faltered, and thank you for the successes. Thank you for the circle of support, in which I was able to touch some of the hidden and not-so-positive parts of my past. Thank you for the life lessons and for the smiles that you shared.

Thank you because together, we can begin to heal...

During these 12 weeks, we not only learned about nutrition, types of vegetables, portion sizes, how to read labels and how to identify sugar, we also learned that we have a safe place where we can share our selves, our problems, our worries, our uncertainties, our challenges, and our happiness. A place where we are able to let out steam, a place where we know that no matter how we show up, we’re going to feel better because there's no judgment. Where we are able to share our experiences and begin to make changes and healthier decisions, one recipe... and one smile at a time.

Thank you for being with us today to celebrate with us the START OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES.