Groceryships is Changing its Name to FEAST!


In an effort to better express the essence of our programs, which goes far beyond the distribution of “scholarships for groceries,” we are so excited to announce that we are officially changing our name to FEAST (Food Education Access Support Together). At FEAST, we understand that food has the power not only to feed, but to heal. That’s why we invite all individuals to gather around our table, to learn new recipes and tools to bring an abundance of fresh, healthful foods into our diet, to share stories, overcome obstacles and give and receive support. These ingredients, when combined together, lead to lasting improvements in physical, emotional and behavioral health.  

While our name may be changing, the motivation, means and mission of our organization are all remaining the same. We have always incorporated an incredibly holistic approach increasing health and wellness, and we believe that “FEAST” is the fullest representation of our efforts.

We are so proud of Groceryships’ impact on thousands of individuals and families in the Los Angeles area. We are looking forward to expanding our work locally, regionally and nationally, and to continuing to provide comprehensive nutrition education, food access and community support so that all may live more nourishing lives.

We make this change with immense gratitude to each and every one of our program participants, donors, board members and partners! Cheers to the future!

- Dana Rizer, Executive Director (and Chief Food Enthusiast), FEAST

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A Powerful Testimonial

Groceryships graduations are incredible events, full of celebration, connection and heart. Every group is a little different, and so, every graduation also has its own unique flavor. 


For the past two years, we've had the good fortune to work with community partners, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), bringing our wellness programs to their community of dedicated parents. At their most recent graduation this spring, one of the group members wrote a powerful speech to share during the ceremony. Click to read what she said...

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Groceryships Graduates its Third Consecutive Group at A Place Called Home

On Tuesday, May  9th, Groceryships graduated its third consecutive group at A Place Called Home (APCH).   The ceremony started off with a warm welcome from Groceryships Director, Dana Rizer and Alexandra Mack, APCH's Nutrition & Urban Agriculture Supervisor.  We also heard speeches from group leaders Elsa Carrillo and Ana Lovo.  





Each semester, the parents remind us how valuable Groceryships’ nutrition education program is to them through their testimonies and graduation speeches.  This time around was not the exception.  We had very impactful speeches from our small group of graduates. To paraphrase a couple graduates:


“Coming to the Groceryships classes was like therapy to me.  It really gave me a place to vent where I felt comfortable and safe.  I looked forward to coming to share with the other participants, we became like sisters.”—Connie J.


“After my diabetes diagnosis, I fell into a depression.  The Groceryships group helped me come out of that depressive state and helped me find my voice again and feel comfortable to speak up and share.” --Emilia E.


“Before joining the Groceryships group, I didn’t eat any vegetables and didn’t really eat healthy foods at all. After going through the program, I’ve learned to eat and incorporate vegetables and fruit into my meals.  I will continue to do so for my children and the health of my family.”—Eva L.





In addition to emotional speeches, the graduation ceremony was also filled with family and friends who came out to support the graduates and also with delicious food prepared by the graduates.  Each graduate prepared their favorite Groceryships’ recipe learned throughout the semester.  Recipes included vegetarian tortas, ginger-carrot soup, tuna tacos, citrus avocado salad, sweet potato nacho bowls, and many others. It was incredible to see children and adults eating and enjoying the plant-based meals.  





Groceryships wants to thank APCH.  APCH has been an excellent partner and a great advocate in the community of parents and children learning about nutrition and adopting healthier eating habits. We are thankful to APCH for lending their community space to our program participants and for helping us recruit parents to the program year after year.

Finally, Groceryships wants to thank the program participants for their tireless efforts and courage throughout the semester. Groceryships is incredibly proud of its graduates! We look forward to continuing to support them on their journey to achieving healthier well-being.





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Partnering with Farm Fresh to You to Provide Low-Income Families with Organic Produce

Partnering with Farm Fresh to You to Provide Low-Income Families with Organic Produce


Groceryships and Farm Fresh To You have partnered up to bring fresh organic produce to the South LA community.  The partnership aims to increase access to fresh and organic produce to families in South LA.  Groceryships program graduates are given the option to participate once they’ve graduated from the Groceryships Nutrition Education Program.  The produce boxes are available for the bargain price of $8 per box! An unbelievable and unbeatable price for the quality and quantity of produce!


They can be ordered and picked up every Tuesday from 9:00am – 3:00p, at our Groceryships Center located at 2612 S. Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007.  Interested individuals can purchase their discounted boxes using a debit card or EBT card.  It is not mandatory to purchase a box every week, it is at every individual’s discretion.


The boxes contain a variety of organic fruits and vegetables that help participants with their goal of increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption. Produce varies with each week, so you never know what you’re going to get.  It’s like receiving a surprise gift every week!

Farm-Fresh-To-You-box1.jpgFarm Fresh to You also includes a recipe inside the box to facilitate preparation and use of a vegetable items included.  Families share how much they appreciate the opportunity to have access to organic produce in their neighborhood at such an affordable price.  We thank Farm Fresh To You for their partnership and for helping us increase access of nutrient-dense foods to Groceryships families.

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Challenging Ourselves to Get Active and Healthy

On February 11, 2017, started its Movement Challenge Initiative to inspire Groceryships’ participants to get active.  Movement Challenge offers participants and alumni a safe, inspiring, and free place to work out.  Program participants and alumni gather at Exposition Park, across the street from the University of Southern California, to workout, three times a week for one hour, doing a variety of fitness classes such as Zumba, Yoga, and High Intensity Interval Training.  The park makes for an inviting and inspiring family friendly location. Zumba is offered every Monday, HIIT is offered every Thursday morning, and on Saturdays we alternate between Yoga and HIIT.


This initiative aims to create a fitness team that works as a support system that inspires one another to get more active on a consistent basis.  Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to work out by yourself, but being part of a team is more fun and encouraging because you don’t only get fitness, you also get the opportunity to socialize and catch up with new and old friends.


The Movement Challenge Initiative will run through the end of April.  At the end of the program, the participants and/or participant who has the best attendance will win a grand prize.



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Groceryships Fall 2016 Graduation

On December 13, 2016, Groceryships celebrated their largest graduation ceremony ever!  Groceryships graduated 10 groups with over 80 group participants!  Over a 5-month period, group participants received nutrition education classes, food demonstrations of healthy recipes, and grocery scholarships in the form of a gift card or produce boxes.  Some of the powerful transformations shared by participants in their groups included weight loss, increased self-esteem, increased consumption of fruits & vegetables, & decreased levels of blood glucose and cholesterol.  Below are participant testimonies shared by their group leaders:

“Maria Solorio shared how once she began the Groceryships curriculum she started making changes in her eating habits. Later she involved her whole family and for months later her husband diminished his consumption of meat to only two times per week whereas before, she would have to cook meat for him every day.  She also got into the habit of eating salads; she didn’t like salad before. Maria has lost a lot of the weight she gained during her pregnancy.  Her doctor had informed her that she was retaining a lot of water and therefore was preventing her from shedding weight, but now that she’s changed her eating habits the weight has been dropping. Now, Maria has a lot of energy and her self-esteem has increased.  She thanks Groceryships for the Farmers Market vouchers because she has been able to purchase healthier foods without affecting her budget.”


 “Throughout the entire program, Delfina’s husband, Mr. Mario Lopez, attended classes and got to learn a lot. He shared with the group that he was so happy for all the food changes his wife had made in their household. He also had the opportunity to talk to some of his coworkers of some of things he has learned in class.  They are thankful for the information he has shared with them and encourage him to keep on learning so he can continue sharing more insights and knowledge on nutrition with them.”


Participants also had the opportunity to share with graduation attendees what Groceryships meant to them through posters.  Graduates paraded into the auditorium holding posters they created expressing how participating in the Groceryships program had impacted their lives and or of their families.




The ceremony was contained with emotion and inspiration. Graduates received some inspiring words from Groceryships founder, Sam Polk, as well as from group leaders and graduates.





Graduates received recognition for their 5-month commitment by receiving a program certificate of completion and a Groceryships gift bag.  After they received their certificate they were given a leaf, that contained one word that described what Groceryships meant to them, to hang on the Groceryships family tree symbolizing their life-long bond to the Groceryships.







Groceryships culminated the ceremony by recognizing the leadership and hard work of its group leaders.  Without the group leaders, Groceryships groups would not be possible.  They work tirelessly to ensure each group runs effectively and efficiently, and ensures our group participant receive a great experience in a safe group environment.



Groceryships would like to give a special thanks to all the volunteers, staff, and sponsors that helped to make this celebration possible. Thank you for your time and contributions!


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Thank you USC Good Neighbors

Thanks to USC Good Neighbors, Groceryships has teamed up with the Spanish Language Department of USC to create a collection of Food Stories from our Groceryships participants. Over the course of the Groceryships program, our participants will meet with USC Spanish Language students to share their food histories, challenges and successes along their path towards better health for themselves and their families. 

We can't wait to share their stories with you...




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GiveBack LA Champions Groceryships' Cause!

We are incredibly thankful to our friends at GiveBackLA for their support. Check out our incredible new video, and heed the call for action!

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Cooking with Groceryships -- For Kids!

Thanks to our friends at Food Forward, and our incredible summer intern Emmy, Groceryships is now offering a free kids cooking class every Wednesday from 4 - 5 pm. Read on to see what they cooked up this week! 


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Thank You!

Thanks to our partners at FreshStax and Farm Fresh to You, today Groceryships group members received an extra helping of locally grown, fresh organic produce. 




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