With a Little Help From Our Friends...

Over the past two months our friends at Food Forward have been helping Groceryships groups by donating free, local, fresh and organic produce, which can offer as a part of our "scholarships for groceries."

In addition to learning new recipes and healthy food preparations in the weekly meetings, our members' tastebuds are also learning to love new produce, like kohlrabi and daikon.  


Thanks to their support, we have been able to deliver some of the freshest produce available from nearby farmer's markets to our participants, every other week. 

Did you know, it's stone fruit season? This gem-colored fruit has been arriving perfectly ripe, incredibly juicy, and candy-sweet. 


Last week, between bites of a fresh plum, one group member said, "usually, when I get hungry at night, I go for something sweet. Now, I don't go for cookies; I get a peach or a banana. It still tastes sweet, and I feel better."  

Thank you, Food Forward, for sharing your bounty with our families.