Groceryships is Changing its Name to FEAST!


In an effort to better express the essence of our programs, which goes far beyond the distribution of “scholarships for groceries,” we are so excited to announce that we are officially changing our name to FEAST (Food Education Access Support Together). At FEAST, we understand that food has the power not only to feed, but to heal. That’s why we invite all individuals to gather around our table, to learn new recipes and tools to bring an abundance of fresh, healthful foods into our diet, to share stories, overcome obstacles and give and receive support. These ingredients, when combined together, lead to lasting improvements in physical, emotional and behavioral health.  

While our name may be changing, the motivation, means and mission of our organization are all remaining the same. We have always incorporated an incredibly holistic approach increasing health and wellness, and we believe that “FEAST” is the fullest representation of our efforts.

We are so proud of Groceryships’ impact on thousands of individuals and families in the Los Angeles area. We are looking forward to expanding our work locally, regionally and nationally, and to continuing to provide comprehensive nutrition education, food access and community support so that all may live more nourishing lives.

We make this change with immense gratitude to each and every one of our program participants, donors, board members and partners! Cheers to the future!

- Dana Rizer, Executive Director (and Chief Food Enthusiast), FEAST