Start Your Own Group

What is a Groceryships group?

In a Groceryships group, up to 10 people meet weekly for 2 hours for six months to learn about the food system, healthy cooking, and support each other in getting healthy amidst a difficult food environment.


Groceryships is about community. For too long people have felt isolated and ashamed of their bodies and their health, blaming themselves instead of the toxic food environment we all grew up in. Groceryships is about coming together with a group of people to support each other on the challenging work of learning to navigate a difficult food environment to get healthy. We believe that individuals can accomplish much more in the context of group support than they can on their own.

What do you have to do?

It’s easy. You find up to 10 friends who want to participate. You contact us, and we send you a very simple set of materials — a meeting format, simple curriculum, film series, healthy recipes, and weekly discussion topics. You pick a start date, and go for it.

What happens?

In our experience, two things: emotional bonding and physical health changes. The meeting format creates a safe space for people to share about what’s going on in their lives, and when people share about their lives together, they grow close. And the weekly support and encouragement that comes out of meeting together to pursue a common goal is incredibly powerful, and results in physical changes as well.

Is there money involved?

No. Groceryships means “Scholarships for Groceries,” and we started to help families in poverty struggling with obesity. In South LA, where we began, per capita income is $13,000 per year. Knowing that it takes kids 10-12 tries of a new vegetable to develop a liking for it, a risk you can’t afford to take on a food stamp budget, we give our families in South LA grocery cards to buy produce during the six-month program (like a scholarship…for groceries!). But we designed the program so that any group of peers anywhere could run a group, totally for free.

How do I start?

If you complete the form below we can contact you about starting a group. We are early in the process and are developing the materials and format, so if you sign up we can stay in touch with you as we roll out this program in the near future!