Groceryships' comprehensive 20-week curriculum includes nutrition education, healthy cooking skills, and scholarships for groceries, offered in an environment of deep social and emotional peer-to-peer support. This life-changing recipe enables program participants and their families to learn the skills needed to improve their health-- and maintain it-- for generations to come.
The total cost of a Groceryships Group is approximately $1,500 per person for an education that lasts a lifetime. Compared to the nearly $8,000 per year in health care costs required to treat an individual with diabetes, this is a sound investment with far reaching benefits.  
Without your donation, these programs wouldn't be possible. Your contribution is deeply valued and directly impacts the families we serve. 

Credit cards can be processed through the PayPal form below, or checks can be mailed to:


3655 S. Grand Avenue, #210

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Donations to Groceryships are tax deductible as allowed by law. 501(c)(3) Tax ID Number: 46-4312265